Listed below are some of the testimonials we received from our clients. If you want to more details about any of our clients and wants to know about thier experience with us please let us know. We would be happy to provide the details.


Shreekant. Pawar
Chief Executive Officer -
Founder -
"Mugil clearly defines "Uniqueness by virtue of excellent customer support". The team at Mugil is always on its toes to solve any technical issue at any given time. They have more than once proved that they are the ideal people to bank on. Their out of box thinking, technological expertise and excellent customer support have made them our long term choice for tech. vending. I would recommend Mugil to anybody who is looking for reliable and excellent tech. service. They would definitely be an asset to the rganisation".
S. L. Narasimhan
Director:360 Degree Interactive -
'We found in Mugil Technologies the perfect technology partner for our distributed workforce management model. Their understanding of the technologies they work on is pretty good. It helps us to pitch for challenging projects across the globe.
Maitreya Design & Production - Malaysia
"Great team to work with"